Behold, A Technological Epiphany

19 Mar 2014
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As technology is freewheeling through the luxury sector, interactive, innovative and inviting buildings are at the forefront of designers’ minds. Sophie Cater finds out about two of Gira’s projects that are pioneering this visionary concept…
MIO Berlin

A fine-dining restaurant, perhaps; a design-feat, definitely. Mio lies under Berlin’s Television Tower with uniquely designed interiors, combining technology and illumination to give an experience you wouldn’t forget in a hurry.

At the helm of techno-gastronomy, Mio uses touch tables, givesindividual lighting scenes, ventilation, music, entertainment electronics and high-techsecurity. The restaurant is fundamentallya platform for personalised fine-dining experiences of the futuristic sort.The illuminating extravaganza doesn’t end there though. From above the ceiling glimmers with 620,000 Swarovski crystals and the walls shine with LED lighting strips.

The technology is not simple, having to control the mood colour lighting, the temperature, the music and the security, but with its ‘brain’ being made by Gira HomeServer, it is seemingly a doddle. Everything can be changed and reprogrammed, allowing this refined fine-dining restaurant to be turned into a trendy club at the flick of a switch.

Jungbrunn Alpine hotel, Tannheim

An escape from the hubbub of the city, Jungbrunn is not your traditional Alpine resort. Raimund Gutheinz founded the hotel on avant-gardist principles – he built the first ski lift – and his family have followed closely in his footsteps.

Guests can chose from 81 rooms in twelve categories to accommodate everyone’s wants and needs: from rustic double rooms to luxury suites, all of which combine high quality materials with the technologically exquisite Gira E2 switch series to match the cleanly designed interior.

With the traditional sauna and steam baths being taken over by far more technologically advanced features, this SPA will be sure to soothe your bones. There’s an infrared cave, an outdoor salt water pool and bathing biotape, as well as a relaxing panorama gallery and quiet zones to ensure your stay is as peacefully enlightening as possible.

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