DesignTalks with Angela Schramm

04 Jan 2018
3 min read
For three generations SCHRAMM has represented comprehensive, continuously sophisticated sleep convenience. We ask Angela Schramm, how important is good sleep?

Please tell us about the history of your company, has it always been a family business?

Yes, it has. For three generations SCHRAMM has represented comprehensive, continuously sophisticated sleep convenience. In 1923, Karl Schramm founded an upholstery and saddlery. In 1959, Karl Schramm Jr. took over the workshops from his father. SCHRAMM started to specialise in the production of high-end mattresses and base mattresses in the mid-sixties, own bed creations and fully integrated boxspring systems follow. Since 1998, Axel Schramm, the founder’s grandson, has been assuming the CEO’s position. And the fourth generation is waiting in the wings. We have remained faithful to our trade since 1923. SCHRAMM has been and will continue to be one of the rare family-run businesses in Germany.


What do your customers demand from their beds?

Our customers expect to be offered beds which are composed of top quality materials, manufactured with utmost diligence, sensitively adjusted to their personal needs, thereby providing perfect relaxation along with sophisticated design and a healthy bed climate. If this is achieved during the production process by keeping environmental issues in mind at the same time, who could ask for more?


If customers aren’t exactly sure what they want from their bed, how can you help them?

There are lots of possibilities to help customers determine their priorities as to what is most important to them. Our home page offers detailed information on all our products. Potential customers may also use our dealer locator to find out about where to find SCHRAMM retailers in their proximity who will be pleased to provide further professional advice and to offer testing the mattresses on-site. Our company at Winnweiler also features an extensive showroom with a large selection of fully equipped beds and testing mattresses. Customers are shown around and advised according to their individual needs and preferences. Showroom viewings therefore absolutely require a specific appointment. Any interested customer should call us first to arrange for a guided showroom visit. As soon as the customer has made their decision on which bed suits their needs best, they may contact their retailer to place their order accordingly since our range of products is exclusively available from authorised SCHRAMM retailers.


What makes the GRAND CRU so very special?

The triple mattress system GRAND CRU for which a European patent has already been issued is based on the handmade base mattress DIVAN.Manually braced and tied with hourglass springs in best upholstery tradition. The simply ingenious dynamics of the base’s springs activate the sensitive interaction with the differentiated spring tensions of the intermediate mattress SILHOUETTE. Finest raw materials and processing methods provide for individual resilience of the system and refine the effect of the base mattress by various sophisticated spring tensions. This intermediate mattress supports the top mattress GRAND CRU N°1, and enhances its even closer adaption to the sleeper’s body shape. Additionally, apart from classy materials and the perfect tailoring to the user’s needs almost 100 hours of master craftsman work are required for the high-end bed GRAND CRU, making it an entirely personal oasis of well-being.


Which materials are you using for the beds?

Cotton, pure new wool from French free-range sheep, silk, linen and cashmere as well as various un-bonded padding materials are the components of incomparable sleep comfort. Furthermore, only springs which have undergone a thermal furnace-tempering after winding are used in the SCHRAMM manufactory’s pocket spring mattress GRAND CRU N°1 and DIVINA, thereby making the springs resistant to fatigue and overstressing and additionally demagnetising them. By using top quality natural materials, professional sensitivity and handcraft passion, SCHRAMM produces unique items offering individual flexibility and a natural bed climate.


What does good sleep really mean?

Natural sleep equals regeneration for body, mind and soul. Nowhere else may the individual relax better and recharge his batteries easier but during sound sleep. No other source of recreation comes more naturally. Sleeping is far more important than generally assumed. Too little sleep demonstrably reduces the ability to learn and tired people fall sick more often. This is why providing for a perfect foundation for recreative, sound sleep is in fact an issue of paramount importance – for the sake of good health.


In what way have sleep habits changed since your company started out?

Along with the wellness movement, people get more and more aware of the important role that recreation and relaxation play concerning their health. This awareness is reflected in the increased interest and the willingness to invest in their beds that customers show in selecting their bedroom equipment. Also, travelling plays an important role: The boxspring system which has been the most popular for a long time in the US, for instance, was appreciated by an ever increasing number of tourists or business travellers experiencing the extraordinary comfort offered by this system. It is also due to this fact that the demand for these beds has been continuously rising.