Barbecue on Art – Feuerring. The Original.

29 Jan 2017
2 min read
With an uncompromising approach to design, simplicity and perfect craftsmanship, Feuerring is perfect for any time of year…
Delighting the eye and appetite

A childhood spent in the heart of nature against a backdrop of beautiful scenery. The omnipresent Rigi massif in Switzerland, the crystal clear water of Lake, the tranquil ambience when sailing on the water, a bracing wind caressing the skin – all wonderful sources of inspiration to feed a creative spirit.

These are the origins of Andreas Reichlin, an artist whose work rests on the interlocking foundations of visual appearance, beauty, uniqueness and virtue. His uncompromising approach to design, simplicity and perfect craftsmanship is the key to the direction his art takes.

Here, in this space of infinite possibility, Reichlin channelled his creative spirit to design an object. A round form that unites earth, fire, air and water – the four fundamental elements of life. The Feuerring: an aesthetic, almost sensual work of art, a sculpture that seamlessly combines design and functionality to provide a revolutionary barbecue experience.

The Feuerring is perfect for any time of year – a healthy, enjoyable and above all communal barbecue experience around a meticulously crafted steel bowl.

A health issue became the basis for finding new solutions. Unable to eat barbecued food, Reichlin looked at it as a challenge: he would find another way to embrace his love of fire.

His efforts resulted in a visionary barbecue, a design that is a delight to the eye and appetite alike: an elegant steel bowl with a jet-black finish that appears as though it has emerged fully formed from a single ring-shaped mould.

The design of the Feuerring bypasses the long waiting for the perfect flame or temperature – you can start barbecuing straight away next to a warm, crackling fire and enjoy tasty grilled food with no trace of an unhealthy charred aftertaste.

It creates a fantastic atmosphere and puts everybody in a good mood. Sit together with friends, swap food and experiences, enjoy the companionship and cuisine, and let your creative juices flow – that is Andreas Reichlin’s philosophy. The Feuerring is an enduring expression of the artist’s approach to life.

Andreas Reichlin has managed Feuerring GmbH in Immensee, Switzerland, together with his life partner Beate Hoyer, since 2009.

“We employ regional Swiss artisans to create an original Swiss product by sustainable means. This philosophy is applied throughout the entire range of Feuerring products.”

The philosophy behind the Feuerring is one of sociability and enjoyment. For centuries, fire pits were the nucleus of community life. Nowadays, warmth, light, a social atmosphere and healthy eating have lost much of their communal meaning. The Feuerring is a modern interpretation of a campfire, enabling everyone to enjoy the warmth offered by fire and companionship.

The welcoming atmosphere and inspiring warmth of a crackling fire, the cosy companionship of friends and guests and, above all, the gentle and healthy barbequing of premium ingredients, culminating in the creation of culinary menus, are central to us at Feuerring. As we like to say: Delighting all your senses!

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