Art is progress

11 May 2015
2 min read
We take a look at Kerstin Leicher’s art which exudes happiness and leaves room for freedom to appreciate the precious moments in life.

German artist Kerstin Leicher’s artwork is intuitively creative, free of intentions, surprising and authentic. She says of her work: “Nothing is a more positive and powerful expression of the exceptional totality of things, than a piece of art. Through acceptance and dedication it combines the dance of resisting powers of togetherness in one moment – in lust, happiness and beauty of the here and now.”

Kerstin spells out the basic foundations and chances of life through her sublime language of paint and with her formulas of forms, frenzy of colours, passion of symbolism, courage of the impulse and inspiration. She wows audiences with her enthusiasm and her visually poetic and energetic art at national and international exhibitions, such as Ambiente and Frankfurt Book Fair, the Art Multiple Düsseldorf, the International Art Fair Salzburg, Akzenta Graz, Art Fair Rotterdam, kunStart Bolzano, Affordable Artfair Maastricht, ST.ART Strasbourg and in many more prestigious galleries, project spaces and public institutions. Apart from painting, Kerstin also works on projects in graphic design and is a mother of three. Her work appears in private and public collections and consists of varied forms of expression, such as acrylic, oil pastel on paper, metal, glass, canvas, graphics and objects. In her technically most demanding works, Kerstin exudes lightness, elegance and freshness.

Her connection to reality isn’t slave to realism, but Kerstin it’s important to create something new from the world of experience. It is these recreations which point towards statements of our world. Furthermore, her poetic works allow access to the seemingly hidden phantasies of childhood.

In her large-sized paintings Kerstin let everything out, but whatever the format, she wants to be authentic and let her emotions and dynamics take shape. However, everything she does requires a high level of concentration, even though her style is spontaneous, requiring a skill and experience that Kerstin gained during her studies of visual communication in Mainz and during many years of practical work in her studio.

Kerstin has a studio in Hamburg and is looking forward to an exhibition in Milan at Milan Contemporary on the occasion of the EXPO in June, and is working on a project with a photographer in New York. Stay tuned!

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