Arlberg1800 RESORT | Europe’s highest altitude art and concert hall

02 Sep 2015
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The year-round Alpine cultural destination in Austria, opening October 2015, will feature exhibitions, masterclasses, lectures and music concerts introducing rising stars and renowned artists & musicians.
arlberg1800 RESORT

July 2015 – Hospitality, art and Alpine grandeur come together in the secluded village of St Christoph, Austria as the arlberg1800 RESORTopens its doors to a high-altitude art andconcert hall in October 2015.

Framed by the beautiful Tyrolean Alps at 1800m above sea level, the major new cultural centre, striking in its modern, linear form, will connect a concert hall, artist’s studio, music studio, exhibition hall and 17 luxurious suites under one roof. Uniting artists, musicians and composers from across the globe with a year-round programme, Kunsthalle arlberg1800 is an artistic milestone in a fascinating, historic location.

Home to the iconic Arlberg Hospiz Hotel, originally built in 1386 as a refuge, arlberg1800 RESORT has been owned and operated by three generations of the Werner Family, who are keen patrons of the arts. For almost 700 years, the Hospiz has cocooned its guests in a delightful atmosphere of warmth during the traditional winter ski season. In line with the launch of the Art & Concert Hall and Suites, from October 2015 arlberg1800 RESORT will be open during all four seasons, with a series of arts, music, culinary and outdoor activities available to guests and local residents.

Concert Hall and Art Gallery

At the heart of arlberg1800 RESORTwill be the new concert hall and gallery. Bringing the Renaissance salons, in which the exchange of ideas and learning flourished, into the 21st century, the new arts hub aims to facilitate a dialogue between artists, musicians and the public.

Designed by Tyrolean architect Jürgen Kitzmüller, known for his contemporary take on the traditional Alpine form, the building will be an artwork in its own right; marrying streamlined, curved lines with wood cladding and concrete. Two thirds of the building, housing the exhibition and music space, are sheltered underground with light streaming in from a central gallery, while the 17 suites remain above ground in two country houses with panoramic views over the majestic Alps.


The centre of the structure houses the White Space, an extensive exhibition hall measuring 600 m² and eight metres in height. This is where a bi-annual programme of exhibitions curated bysection.awill take place. Alongside sits an art lounge, a project room for smaller shows and two studios for artists in residence. Themed exhibitions and shows from individual artists, including, Hans Schabus, Ulrike Köppinger, Clara Oppel and Michail Michailov among others, accompanied by an education programme and workshops will create a living, evolving art institution.

This is supported by the Artist in Residence programme. Originally founded by the Werner family in 2008, it showcases a new generation of contemporary artists, having already provided more than 150 artists with studio space.

Thanks to the newly created studio rooms, the extended Artist in Residence programme will allow guests to experience every single step of artistic production hands-on, getting to know the various artists in person. In addition, selected residencies will hold special workshops for children from six to 12. Through playful supervision and inspiring topics, the aim is to stimulate and encourage children’s creative potential.

arlberg1800 RESORT

St Christoph 1

6580 St Anton am Arlberg


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