Angling for success

31 Aug 2015
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Mick Hucknall, music legend of Simply Red fame, has been investing a considerable sum of money into his river, with some amazing results.

Late last year, Mick Hucknall won the prestigious ECKART 2014 for “Art of Living”, including the prize money of €10,000, which he has now used to continue his work on the river Finn. For Hucknall, buying the river 10 years ago was a big opportunity, and the potential for the neglected river to become rich in fish was promising. “Of course you don’t own a river,” explains Hucknall. “But you are responsible.” With new rules for fishing as well as some clever interventions in the river course to create spawning grounds, he was able to double the salmon population within 10 years. “Leaving the river to run its course doesn’t work because the population would dwindle. The river landscape has to consist of nature and people working together,” Hucknall explains.

In the long term he aims to add value to the region, consisting of drawing in eco-friendly tourism including not only fishermen and hunters, but also hikers, to enjoy this unique piece of nature. The prize money, he says, was a welcome addition to the project.