Andy Warhol | American Pop Art king

03 May 2015
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The new Andy Warhol collection at Andipa Gallery, London celebrates Pop art as being top of luxury art investment charts.
American Pop Art king

After conducting a study of art market research, it was concluded that the biggest attraction for luxury art investments was American pop art. Not only does it prove to still be the most desirablebut its popularity has soared by 86% in the past year alone.

Understandably, a desire to invest in some of the most influential and recognised characters of the 20th century has led to a surge in international interest. Acoris Andipa, director of Andipa Gallery explains that“Art buyers from Europe as well as emerging markets including China, the Middle East and Asia are pursuing the most sought-after works internationally, particularly by some of the most influential artists of the 20th Century such as Warhol.”

So if you’re looking to expand your luxury art investment portfolio and have roughly £20k-£250k to spare,you’ll be pleased to learn that some of Andy Warhol’s most renownedworks will be available to purchase.Andipa Gallery in London’s Knightsbridge is selling works from a privatecollection in an exhibition that features rare and instantly recognisable works including Marilyn Monroe, Mick Jagger, Campbell’s Soup Cans, Jackie Kennedy and Mao.

Warhol on Walton street

The newAndy Warholcollection is celebratoryexhibition being held at the Andipa Gallery. Itbringstogether some of the biggest, boldest and most iconic works from one of the most influential artists of the 20th Century. After being declared the most popular choice for luxury art investors, the major exhibition of Andy Warhol will showcase works thatillustrate how he pioneered the Pop art movement. The chosen artworks perfectly reflecthis signature style and what lead him to become renowned for breaking social, political and aesthetic attitudes.

The collection will contain some of the most iconic work of Warhols career and will containa mix of unique prints and canvases,from series such as Myth’s, Endangered Species, Celebrity and more. Other work featured at the Andipa Gallery will include series such as Marilyn Monroe(Marilyn),FS II.28, (1967,Screenprint on paper, Edition of 250, Signed, £145,000),Campbell’s Soup Box: Onion Mushroom Soup Box(1986, Synthetic polymer paint on Canvas, Unique, Signed, £250,000) and a uniqueLenin,FS II.402, (1987,Screenprint on Arches 88 paper.TP, Signed, £140,000).

Andy Warhol the celebrated face of Pop Art and withimagery that spanned the worlds of art, media, music, fashion, as he celebrated the ‘new world’ of consumerism and celebrity. It is no wonder that he has become the most recognisable and valuable artist in history by investors and spectators alike. The exhibition is on for a limited time only, starting on Wednesday 6th May until Saturday 13th June so the race is on to purchase a piece of art history.

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