Alta Services: The Fine Art of Making Things Happen

05 Aug 2015
2 min read
Not sure who to turn to when you need to relocate to another country, host a fabulous event, find a crew for your yacht, organize a helicopter transfer or help run your estate? Then look no further than Alta Services, Geneva’s most sophisticated management team.

We are the promise of a breeze that caresses your face while you are watching the waves hit the white sand with a cocktail in your hand. We are the jet stream belowthe wings of your private plane, while you are dreaming of your destination. We are the amuse-bouche that is majestically served to you at your five-star hotel, whispering: “There’s more where that came from.”

Alta Services

When there is simply too much to do and not enough time to do it in, there is always a helping hand at Alta Services. The highly educated team at Alta Services goes beyond luxury to offer you a service that exceeds expectations and helps make life and work something to be enjoyed.

Located in the heart of Geneva, Alta Services know a thing or two about taste, style and elegance. The city, renowned for its wealth, quality of life, and as the home of the elite, has naturally produced a network of people who are accustomed to dealing with the specific wants and desires of its exclusive clientele.

AmongthemAlta Services has built a worldwide network, which has earned itself a highly respected name. Their expertise is built on many years of experience managing the logistics & relocation needs of elite professionals and overseeing complex commercial real estate and luxury propertysales and acquisitions.

This has since evolved into a complete lifestyle management network that provides high-end companies, individuals and families with best providers and specialists to fulfill their every need.

The new definition of a quality elite-service

This company is known for not only putting the needs of their esteemed clients before anything else, but that they go above and beyond to take your tailor-made experience to a whole new level, catering to your every personal or professional need. As the link between customers and providers, they ensure that each and every task is carried out with due diligence and unmatched professionalism.

They offer unmatched luxury services in a broad spectrum of fields: Yachts, jets, education, health, property, architecture, decor, home-management, leisure and personal assistance… You think it up, they do it for you.You need help, they will manage it.

Standing for professionalism and timeless quality, the engaged and passionate team at Alta Services provides a wide range of demands from fulfilling leisurely whims, to satisfying extravagant upscale wishes.

Alta Services SA

56 rue du Rhône

1204 Geneva


+41 22 311 21 05