Adding Heart & Soul To Your Home

15 Feb 2015
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Mention the word AGA to any owner and there will be an instant and emotional response. From the range of beautiful colours to the unique and iconic design, AGA is a design leading company.

To hundreds of thousands of devotees theAGA is not simply a cooker but a way of life.AGA owners adore their cookers and find itdifficult to imagine life without them. EveryAGA owner says the same: we love our AGA. There is no other household appliance thatgenerates this kind of emotion or loyalty – andcertainly none that lasts as long – and thereare very good reasons for this. Since the veryfirst AGA cooker was installed 90 years ago, thecooker has taken root in the hearts and livesof hundreds of thousands of people aroundthe world.

An AGA is more than just a cooker. It’sa way of life and a gentle one at that. In aworld that moves at a thousand miles per hour,having an AGA in the kitchen is very special. Forgenerations people have waxed lyrical about the gentle warmth the AGA provides and the feeling it creates in a home.

The simple fact is that the AGA is anamazing cooker – easy to use, flexible, ajoy to live with and a great addition to anyhome, and of course it produces great foodthanks to its unique radiant heat cookingpreserving flavours and moisture like no othercooker. It’s a design icon that is as relevanttoday as it was innovative at the time of itsinvention.

The AGA is also available in a number ofbeautiful colours and sizes, designed to run onelectricity or gas and can be programmed tosuit perfectly the rhythms of your daily life.