Aceteam Berlin | When science meets sustainability

12 Aug 2016
2 min read
Never before has eco design been so swift than with Aceteam Berlin’s lightweight electric wooden bikes. FOUR finds out more about the revolutionary new ride from creator Matthias Broda…

Where were you born and where did you grow up?

I was born in 20th June 1962 in Berlin and grow up in Berlin inside the wall which was a big town with the attitude of a village.

Tell us a bit about the background story of how Aceteam Berlin came to be…

Aceteam Berlin started with a project:Science meets Sustainabilityto create an electrical bicycle and build it in an environmental friendly way in cooperation with the Faculty of Wood Science and Technology of the Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development (HNEE).

Where did you get the inspiration for the wooden bike?

I like to draw and to construct, so I just started with my pencil drawing , then constructing with CAD and manufacturing a first mockup.

More generally where do you get your inspiration for your creative designs?

Mostly I get a task to solve a problem and that’s the moment when you start thinking about solving a problem with your own construction and get a solution that fits.

What have you been working on recently and what makes it so special in your opinion?

Recently we are thinking to implant all lights into the wood, it is special because it does’t exist yet.

You have won various awards for your green bikes including silver design award winner 2016 and green product award 2015, are there any other awards you have in sight?

We have been invited to the Clio Awards, so let’s see how far we can go!

Do you have a signature design style that is apparent in all of your creations?

As I do them on my own, they got always my signature, which is a functional and always a bit playful.

Favourite product/bike that you wish you had designed?

I love my slim wooden ebike, but the Toyota Setsuna wooden e-car is very interesting, overdesignd but interesting.

Do you haveany future collaborations and projects lined up you could tell us about?

We are thinking of a town e-vehicle with weather protection and a weight under 200kg, we have to understand that the times where we move 2000kg from A to B to transport one single person have ended. we need alternatives

In terms of top design trends what is hot on your radar at the moment?

I think the green economy is growing really fast and got so many new opportunities that are really hot!

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