A taste of Botswana

13 Feb 2017
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Botswana is known as one of the last untouched places in Africa. A land of timeless beauty, it teems with a wide variety of wildlife and for that reason alone, it is not to be missed in an African itinerary.

The glamorous choices of Elizabeth Taylor led her to the village of Kasane along the Chobe River where Richard Burton both proposed and married her in the mid-1970’s. Since then, Botswana has rocketed into the realm of royalty, movie stars, American presidents and the like – all entranced by the majestic serenity of ancient, natural beauties.

President Bill Clinton and first lady, Hilary, upon visiting the Chobe National Park, have said that anyone who has visited a magnificent place like the Chobe ‘instinctively feels humanity’s sacred obligation to preserve our environment.’

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Although home to an epic elephant population of over 140 000 strong, the river region boasts a prolific host of wildlife, bird and fish species. The combination of luxurious lodge and trendy tented accommodation, off-road 4×4 safaris and the intimate viewing of diverse wildlife from riverboats specifically designed for the wilderness surroundings will have you feeling like the celebrities who have made the same choices.

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