“Genius starts great work, craftsmanship completes it”

The most famous of the South African diamonds; The Cullinan, is celebrated, as a replica is showcased at The Diamond Works Institute, along with a visual feature exhibiting the world’s most iconic historical stones. Through a visual experience discover the history of the Gold and Diamond Trade in South Africa.

The institution boasts a large range of hand selected loose stones, as well as gold and platinum jewellery. Discovering and sharing your diamond encounter is a simple touch away; with our state of the art interactive screen and complimentary internet service. Theflagship facility is proudly positioned in the heart of Cape Town, directly opposite the CTICC. The store is conveniently, an effortless five minutes away from the V&A Waterfront and is within general walking distance of most Cape Town hotels.

Witness first hand, the art of diamond cutting and the careful craftsmanship of jewellery manufacturing fromskilled professionals – all whilst enjoying a complimentary glass of sparkling wine, as well asSparkling Tour in various languages, available on demand. In addition a courtesy transfer service can be arranged.Some of the exclusive gems on offer are listed below.

Diamond|‘dʌɪəmənd/ -a hard, rare and precious, colourless carbon mineral

Diamonds have been associated with purity, strength, wealth, virtue, power and most importantly love. Today, an appreciation for diamonds has evolved, not to only appreciate any diamond, but to appreciate a truly rare diamond – The Diamond Works diamond. The Diamond Works Institute is considered a true diamond and jewellery expert.

Tanzanite|‘tanzənʌɪt/ -an exceptional blue or violet gem, native to Tanzania

The Diamond Works Institute extends its expertise in delineation of tanzanite in our unique Tanzanite Boutique. This rare stone represents the essence of Africa, and we whisper the tales of this stone’s journey from the ground to the showroom. Tanzanite is noted for its remarkably strong trichroism; appearing alternately sapphire blue, violet and burgundy depending on crystal orientation. This blue mystical gem has earned a reputation for possessing magical powers. It is thought that it has the power to elevate the bearer’s mood and release them from poor habits or addictions. It is also believed, that tanzanite is able to restore spiritual balance and good fortune.

Find out more information about The Diamond Works Institute here |www.thediamondworks.co.za