A breeze of forest for your kitchen…

09 Sep 2016
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FOUR looks into the latest designs from luxury kitchen brand, Axis Cucine, using the very best of European materials…

Some of the real pleasures in life include enjoying dinner with family after a hectic day at work; and to prepare a meal for friends while chatting on a Friday night. So why not offering your family and friends a comfortable kitchen concept that brings in a breeze of forest?

Finest European materials

Officina collection from Axis Cucine uses European Oak to achieve a first quality veneered finish in light or dark shades.Additionally, Axis Cucine can use solid Oak to give shape to a peninsula at which you can spend time with your lovely ones and pals.The luxury of having a piece of Oak in your kitchen will not increase the depletion of forest because Axis Cucine collects wood from existing houses old buildings that are being renovated.

Italian style with all the mod-cons…

Moreover, Officina collection brings in style and convenience.Cabinets in neutral colors like grey and white can boost a cozy atmosphere when combined with a wooden touch. Different heights for lower cupboards and protruding upper cabinets break the conventional rule of leveled surfaces in the kitchen design but still in harmony.Pull out corner and vertical racks to storage to easily reach cans and pans; as well as a magnetic I-Pad holder where to read recipes will encourage you to experiment new cuisines and invite friends to taste them.

For sure you will have great memories in your new kitchen!

Find out more information about Axis Cucine designs here |www.axiscucine.it