#20FOURteen | Our Year In Partners

08 Dec 2014
3 min read
2014 has seen some phenomenal partnerships between FOUR and some wonderful leading brands. We asked some of them what they think about the exciting year…

2014 has seen some of the world’s leading brands partner with FOUR: Gaggenau, Nespresso, Relais & Châteaux, Leading Hotels of the World, LesConcierges and Creutz & Partners. We are honoured and excited about what we have done so far in 2014, and about what’s to come in 2015 (although it’s top secret for the time being).

With the support of such phenomenal brands, we are able to share our philosophy further into the luxury market; we are able to share our philosophy with more people; and we are able to share the good times that we have had this year.

What’s to come is even more exciting. By working together, we are honoured to be developing exciting projects that will touch our worldwide audienceand celebrate the finest gastronomy and luxury lifestyle with them. These partnerships will lead onto many years of success.


Gaggenau | Masters of kitchenware

Nespresso| Coffee kings

Relais & Châteaux | Luxury hospitality and astronomic gastronomy

Creutz & Partners | Global Asset Management

Leading Hotels of the World | Global luxury and hospitality

LesConcierges |World’s premier provider of global concierge services and solutions


Why do you and FOUR work well together as brands?

Gaggenau | “Gaggenau is attuned to culinary cultures in which the preparation of superior dishes is consciously celebrated as a pleasure, beginning with the selection of the best ingredients. As a pioneer of exclusive culinary culture Gaggenau maintains a regular exchange with internationally acclaimed star chefs and sommeliers. This know-how is also incorporated into the development of new appliances, which are consistently oriented towards professional kitchen requirements, and thus set standards for ambitious private kitchens. The special Gaggenau experience stands for conscious sensuous appreciation and enjoyment at an exclusive level. Combining high-end lifestyle, fine dining and inspirational chefs, in addition to working with some of the world’s most well-respected food and wine writers and some of the world’s top food photographers, FOUR is the perfect partnershipfor Gaggenau.”

Creutz & Partners | “We have, I think, the same respect for craftmanship as well as the same ideal of perfection.”

Relais & Châteaux| “Our brands share the same ethos: to share quality and beauty. Great taste and the world’s taste are the two axes that linkRelais & Châteaux and FOUR Magazine.”

LesConcierges | “Synergy. We have been looking to partner with a like-minded company that understands the nuances of luxury behind the dining experience for high-net worth individuals. We found that the FOUR brand closely matched our vision. The exclusively-curated content from FOUR magazine is very interesting to the LesConcierges consumer base.”

What began the partnership?

Gaggenau | “We saw FOUR as a strategically relevant media partner. Our relationship continues to grow through regular contact, working together on topic plans and the sharing and supplying of relevant material.”

Creutz & Partners | “We met with Jakob [Siegeris:one half of FOUR’s co-founders] in the Villa Louise in Aachen where we had lunch.We directly saw possible synergies, and I am now very happy to count FOUR Magazine as a strategic partner of Creutz & Partners.”

Relais & Châteaux| “The shared desire to showcase Relais & Châteaux’s worldwide artists and artisans. Relais & Châteauxhave the largest collection of Michelin-starred chefs with 330 stars in total, and working together with FOUR, the most high-end, creative and widely-read internationalfood magazine,goes without saying.”

LesConcierges| “Dining is one of the four pillars of our organization and a key benefit to our high-end members. FOUR, being a visionary deluxe dining product carries significant opportunities for collaboration to LesConcierges.”

What have been your highlights of 2014 with FOUR?

Gaggenau | Highlights of our cooperation in 2014 comprises of an approach of editorial content and advertising, both on and offline. We sponsoredFOUR’s(selection of 4 upcoming young chefs), wewerefeaturedin various editions and online, and we’ve done a shoot of short videos of chefs of our choice to be published on the FOUR homepage, as well as on our own homepages.”

Creutz & Partners| “On a personal level thanks to FOUR I have discovered and was introduced to great chefs like Makoto Ono (PIDGIN), Jefferson Alvarez (SECRET LOCATION) and Blaine Wetzel ( WILLOWS INN).As we see many chefs at the Villa Louise, Four Magazine is like a common friend/partners that we are sharing.”

Relais & Châteaux| “2014 was a celebratory year for us with our 60-year anniversary. FOUR supported and accompanied us to all the festivities, such as our Culinary Friends’Lunch on 12 May in Vonnas, which united nearly 70 chefs and founding members.”

LesConcierges| “Collaborating on the vision by introducing FOUR to some of our most prestigious clients, as well as exploring other partnership opportunities.”

What do you foresee for 2015?

Gaggenau | “We lookforward to developing new creative and innovative ideas together with FOUR to further strengthen our partnership in the culinary culture and sophisticated lifestyle segment.”

Creutz & Partners| “I’m very excited about the Rising Star Awards2015.Thanks to FOUR we will be able to host events in the Villa Louise that we only dreamed aboutin 2013…”

Relais & Châteaux| “What’s better than sharing our creative and culinary tendencies thanthrough our partnership? Together, we will be hosting a beautiful photography competition, with an incredible array of wonderful prizes, includingRelais & Châteaux experiences.” (More information in the coming weeks!)

LesConcierges| “Helping FOUR as a distribution partner for its subscriptions and building on the strategic vision set in 2014.”