Deemed the ‘King of Ramen’, Yasuji Morizumi combines his extensive experience of French cuisine and traditional Japanese cuisine with his passion for giving guests a modern take on Ramen that’s “authentic, simple, and [has] a taste to remember”.

Morizumistarted his career as a French chef in the ‘80s, taking inspiration from fine dining restaurants and the increase in Italian and French restaurants in Japan. He aimed to surprise and entertain guests, which he felt Japanese cooking did not do at the time.

Having had a successful career as a French chef, Yasuji retrained to become the ‘King of Ramen’, starting in a Ramen shop in Japan. He had been surprised at the simplicity and depth of Ramen and wanted to reinvent the once fast-food into a speciality and distinct style of Japanese cuisine.

He opened a restaurant called the “MIST” in Hong Kong, which won two Michelin stars in 2011 and 2012. It was the first ever Michelin Star won by a Ramen restaurant, and Morizumiwent on to expand his restaurants to Thailand and LA. He has recently stepped in as Head Chef at Pacata restaurant, London to embark on the Asian Fusion cuisine offered.

FOUR Questions with Yasuji

What isyour culinary aim?

Showcase the power and the taste of the ingredients.

How did you feel when you were awarded your first Michelin star?

Fear, I was so scared.

What is your greatest inspiration?

Scent, and the colour of things.

What three things would you take to a desert island?

Book, chef’s knife, and a lighter

  • 2 Michelin Stars, MIST – 2011, 2012
  • TV Champion – Chefs Battle


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