Chef patron of Sāo Paolo-based restaurant Mocotó, Rodrigo Oliveira is one of the most celebrated young chefs in Brazil. Having turned his family-owned local restaurant into what it is today, chef Oliveira focused on reinventing traditional north-eastern Brazilian dishes, using modern techniques and passion.

Having helped in the family-run restaurant since the age of 13, Rodrigo completed his formal culinary training in order to embrace the family business. But before establishing the restaurant as one of the most prominent in the country, he travelled 30,000km around Brazil to find inspiration and to discover ingredients.

Mocotó represents the bridge between old and new, bringing together traditional Brazilian cuisine with rich flavours and simple, unique ingredients, and contemporary concepts. He uses cheap cuts of meat and once forgotten vegetables to highlight the luxury of simplicity.

  • #12 |Mocotó |Latin America’s Best Restaurants, 2014
  • One of the 5 Most Influential Young Chefs | Elle à Table
  • Best New Chef 2008 | Prazeres da Mesa
  • Best Brazilian Cuisine |Epoca Sāo Paolo Magazine, Sāo Paolo 2010 & 2011
  • Chef of the Year |Premio Destaque FoodService, Sāo Paolo 2011


Av Nossa senhora do Loreto, 1100

Vila Medeiros

Sao Paulo