Quique Dacosta was born in 1972 in Jarandilla de la Vera. Originally from Extremadura but Valentian by popular adoption, began his professional career as a chef in 1986.

In 1988 he began working in what is today his restaurant, El Poblet (now Quique Dacosta Restaurant) which initially offered Spanish cuisine and then evolved to a more local marine cuisine. With this new turn, he starts to build a distinctive kitchen which contextualizes Alicantine, Valencian and Spanish innovative food.

The environment that embraces and seduces Quique Dacosta, marks the future of many of the creations that occur year after year in Denia. The enclave has been instrumental in his kitchen: inexhaustible wealth in its seabed and particular geographical location.

Today, he is recognized all around the world for its artistic expression of the kitchen. He has become a person who uses his culture, territory and ways of life as a flag that puts an image to the quality, excellence, innovation and tradition to the projection of the Valencian tourism from a cultural and artistic view.

  • 3 Michelin stars
  • #39|The World’s 50 Best Restaurants


Quique Dacosta Restaurant

Urb. El Poblet

Ctra. Las Marinas, km 3

03700 Dénia



+34 965 78 41 79