Micha, as everybody calls him, was born in Lima and since his childhood was very passionate about cooking. In September of 1998 he finished school and was admitted in Johnson & Wales University (Providence, RI – USA) where he studied the careers of Culinary Arts and Food and Beverage Management, on completion of the fourth year, he graduated with honors with an Associate´s degree in Culinary Arts and Bachelors in Foodservice Management.

While studying, he trained in various hotels and restaurants in Rhode Island and did his internship in Swissotel Lima. He also worked to develop along with the newspaper El Comercio ¨ The Great Encyclopedia of Peruvian Cuisine ¨

After graduating, he decides to go to Osaka (Japan) to specialize in Japanese cuisine, where he worked in restaurants such as “Seto Sushi” and “ Imo to Daikon” , the first specialized in sushi and the second in Izakaya style cuisine.

After his experience in the demanding Japanese kitchens, returns again to Peru working for five years at the Sheraton Hotel in Lima, the first 3 years as Sous Chef where he learned about Peruvian cuisine. The last two years in his hotel career he was in charge of the F&B department having the Food & Beverage Manager position.

His passion for Japanese and Peruvian cuisine led him to create Maido, a Japanese restaurant with Peruvian heart. In Maido, he works with his team investigating and creating new culinary trends where Japanese and Peruvian cuisines live in harmony giving birth to Nikkei cuisine. One year after opening Maido, Micha was recognized as the best chef of 2010 in the “Luces Awards” of El Comercio newspaper, one of the most important newspapers in Peru.

In 2011, he was in charge of the content Management of Mistura, the most important culinary event of Peru. During this year, he was one of the judges of the international TV franchise “Master Chef” produced in Peru and he was also one of the invited chefs to San Sebastian Gastronomika andn Madrid Fusion.

In 2014 become part of the Gang tiger’s milk, a group of the best Peruvian chefs led by Gaston Acurio for show to the world the magic of the ceviche and the Peruvian chili, this gastronomic adventure began in Chile (La mar), Bogota, Chicago, Miami, Argentina, Paris, and in 2015 will continue with Ñam (Chile) and Singapore. In 2014 he was invited for Madrid fusion the most important gastronomic congress in the world(Madrid 2015) Invited to participate in the contest as a jury of San Pellegrino Young chef 2015 (Sao Paulo March 2015) invited to participate in Asia 50′ best with the gang Tiger’s milk (Singapore 2015)

Four Questionswith Mitsuharu

Describe your culinary philosophy in 5 words

Flavour, memories, beauty, local products, Nikkei

What is your aim?

Make people happy

What is your greatest inspiration?


What three things would you take to a desert island?

Drinks, food and friends


2010 Mitsuharuis recognized as the best chef according to lights Trade Award

2012 Best Japanese restaurant according to the Summum Guide

2013 Best Japanese restaurant according to the Summum Guide

2013 7th best restaurant in Peru according to the Summum Guide

2013 11th best restaurant in Latin America according to the list of Latin America’s 50 Best restaurants

2014 20thbest restaurant in the world according to The Notebook Matoses

2014 Best Japanese restaurant according to the Summum Guide

2014 No.7best restaurant in Latin America according to the list of Latin America’s 50 Best restaurants

2015 No.44 In the World’s 50 Best Restaurant list

2016 number 13 of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants awards

2016 No. 2 in the awards Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants

Works published|The Book – Nikkei es Peru


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