Grand Chef Relais & ChâteauxSebastien Bras and his son, Michelare at the helm of three Michelin star Bras.Sebastien’sintuitive and carefully crafted cuisine provides the perfect showcase for the treasures of the vegetable world offered by the Massif Central. Imagination is given free rein in subtle pairings and harmonies which express this multifaceted living world. Here, time stands still and you take your pace from nature and the seasons. Nature is at the very heart of the Bras family’s daily endeavours to produce solely locally sourced dishes.

Michel |The son of a blacksmith, hewas introduced to cuisine when as a young boy by hismother who was a chef at her inn in Laguiole. His aim wasto translate these childhood emotions into his cuisine and he draws inspiration from his childhood and native land. Self taught, heacquires hisculinary techniques through a scientific approach.
Sébastien |Having inherited his passion for cookingfrom his father, he wants hiscuisine to pay tribute to L’Aubrac.Taught about produce from his father, he learnthow to respect the local food’s identity, to really look at it, touch it and smell it, to immerse himself in it to be able to understand it.
Together, their recipes are a reflection of the experiences they have had.

  • Three Michelin stars
  • #7 World’s Best Restaurant, 2008 – Restaurant Magazine

Three Questions with Michel andSébastien

What was your most moving culinary experience?

Michel |The two amazing slices of Laguiole fouace which were handed out to us after celebrating the Armistice of the two world wars at the war monument.

Sébastien |A loaf of bread baked in the sand in the Tegela desert. I’ll never forget the moment we all shared it and the emotions it unleashed.

The most amusing kitchen incident you ever witnessed?

Michel |A customer asked for a piece of meat done ‘very rare’, and left me with nothing to do…

Sébastien |A cheese Aligot that I was making for Pierre Gagnaire and his team at the end of a training period with him that wouldn’t melt! It was a disaster!

Your best piece of advice for amateur chefs?

Michel |Get the whole family involved!
Sébastien |Take risks!!! Trust in your own good sense and your intuition!


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