Arguably Istanbul’s most well-known chef, Mehmet Gürs is at the helm of the celebrated Mikla restaurant. Born to a Finish-Swedish mother and Turkish father, Mehmet trained for eight years in the USA before returning to Turkey to begin his path as a restaurateur. Today, he is the president of the Bocuse d’Or in Turkey, is a guest speaker around the world and recognised television personality.

He is a master of New Anatolian cuisine at Mikla, which combines traditional and local ingredients, techniques and culinary customs. For Mehmet, “it has no boundaries; it is a way of perceiving food, it is a philosophy that can and should be interpreted in many ways.” Through research, development and cooking, he stands at the forefront of Turkey’s culinary movement.

  • Best Restaurant / Mikla – TimeOut Istanbul
  • #96 | World’s Best Restaurants