Having begun his career in the kitchens of his hometown Klaipeda, a small fishing port town in Lithuania, Martyn Meid was adept at cooking seafood and fish.Not only cooking, but curing and pickling to preserve the summer produce throughout the very cold winters. This influence is rife throughout his cuisine, combining his passion for Nordic techniques and flavours with continental ingredients.

When chef Meid moved to London he was taken in by chef Alan Jones. “He taught me the basics in French cuisine at his restaurantAlmeidain Islington”, says Martyn. He then went on to The Dock Seafood Restaurant, where he garnered his seafood experience and love of Nordic cuisine with his new found continental cooking. He has most recently opened his own restaurant, INK, which fuses these concepts alongside top quality ingredients that are organic and local whenever possible.

At the forefront of Martyn’s cooking is the adoration and passion towards simple food. He wants to show people that great food can be made simply. Combined with colourful and clean aesthetics, INK is set to be a Nordic-European highlight of 2014.


Suttons Wharf South

44 Palmers Road


E2 0TA

020 8983 6634