The delightfully intimate, understated and contemporary restaurant “La Table du Lancaster” is an exquisite one-Michelin-star restaurant.The inspired seasonal menu at La Table du Lancaster, crafted by Julien Roucheteau, highlights vivid and unforgettable flavors.With his technical abilities, Julien Roucheteau sublimes products thus providing a unique vision of the world with creative dishes, exploringa wide range of tastes for side dishes.

Built in 1889, the Hotel Lancaster–situated just a leap away from theChamps-Elyséesand the Arc deTriomphe–is a beautiful feat of architecture, and reflects Julien’sFrench-focused cuisine.

​Since 2008, Julien has been at the helm of La Table du Lancaster, being peppered with awards throughout and, notably earning a Michelin star for the restaurant. His experience took him through wonderful kitchens and restaurants throughout Paris, including Les Magnolias, Le Diapason and Le Cinq.

FOUR Questions with Julien

Describe your culinary philosophy in 4 words…

Fresh products, technical abilities, boldness & creativity

What is your greatest inspiration?

Using products from Paturages & Farmyards, as well as from the Oceans & Rivers.

If you could take a plane ride to any restaurant in the world, just for one meal, where would you go?

Alinea in Chicago.

What four things would you take to a desert island?

Knife and fire, what else.

  • 1 Michelin star

La Table du Lancaster Courtyard

Hôtel Lancaster

7 rue de Berri

75008 Paris