Joachim Splichal has been a leading force behind Los Angeles’ growth into one of the world’s premier dining capitals. Acknowledged as one of the country’s premier restaurateurs and master chefs, Splichalopened the famed Patina Restaurant in Los Angeles in 1989, and has since gone on to open a plethora of 60 boutique operations from coast to coast in the USA, including the newly opened PatinaStella in Tokyo. His cuisine combines classic French flavours and Californian ingredients.

With over 20 years of experience in the restaurant and hotel business, Germany-born Splichalleft his home country at the age of 18 to work in the hotel industry. He worked in the kitchens of world-wide restaurants inCanada, Morocco, Israel, Sweden, Norway and Switzerland. However, it was in France that heperfected his culinary training, workingas Chef Saucier at La Bonne Auberge, threeMichelin star restaurant in Antibes, and at L’Oasis in La Napoule. At age 23, he was hired as sous chef by Jacques Maximin, who became his professional mentor, and worked at his side for four years at the Chantecler restaurant in the Hotel Negresco in Nice. During this period, Splichal accumulated numerous culinary awards, including first prize for “Youngest and Most Creative Chef” from the Cercle Epicurien Society.

In 1995 he was inducted into the James Beard Foundation andwas named “Best California Chef” by them in 1991, and has twice been nominated “Best Chef of the Year” in 1991 and 1994. He was named in 1996 “Treasure of Los Angeles” by the Central City Association and Los Angles Mayor Richard Riordan. In 1997 he was voted Restaurateur of the Year by the California Restaurant Writers Association.

  • “Best California Chef”, 1991 | James Beard Foundation
  • “Best Chef of the Year”, 1991, 1994 |James Beard Foundation

FOUR Questions with Joachim

Describe your culinary philosophy in 5 words…

Fresh, Fresh, Fresh, Fresh, Fresh!

What is your greatest inspiration?

Chef Jacques Maximin.

If you could take a plan ride to any restaurant​ in the world, just for one meal, where would you go?

Pierre Gagnaire’s restaurant in Paris. (Restaurant Pierre Gagnaire)

What three things would you take to a desert island?

A case of ice-cold Krug Champagne, a fridge full of food and sunscreen.


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