Simplicity and honesty are at the root of Jannis Brevet’s cooking style. Each dish begins with a traditional foundation, which stems from his education and the experience he has built up in the 40 years he has been in the culinary industry.

Since 2001, Jannis has been the chef and owner, together with his wife Claudia, of Inter Scaldes in Kruiningen, The Netherlands. The inlets of the Zeeland area, with their unique and abundant ecosystems, host some of the best cultivation areas for crustaceans and shellfish. Jannis takes advantage of this excellent produce, and his kitchen aims to showcase this excellence with a transparent cooking approach, highlighting and intensifying these clearly recognizable flavors. His kitchen is based on three pillars: product knowledge, cooking technique and dosage.

“The product is central to this and then I look for three to four components that bring out the beauty of that basic product even better. I always strive for the minimum. If you work very pure, then you can’t hide anything. The flavors must be completely perfect.”

The restaurant sits within the Inter Scaldes hotels, both of which are classy, boasting granite floors, spacious and luxurious rooms and a series of unique works of art. The style is powerful, but always remains minimalist. That which makes the artworks truly special, however, is the fact that the artworks are made by chef Jannis Brevet. His vision, esthetical power and creativity are not only reflected in the dishes in his restaurant, but are also clearly present in the hotel. The interior design works with soft colors, wood and warm elements.

  • 3 Michelin stars | The Michelin Guide 2018 & 2019
  • 19,5 points Gault & Millau | 2008-2018
  • Best Chef of the Netherlands in 2014, 2015 & 2017 | ‘Lekker’ Guide
  • No. 1 Restaurant 2019 | ‘Lekker’ Guide
  • 2012 SVH Title Master Chef
  • Chef of the Year 2008 | Gault & Millau
Three questions with Jannis

Describe your culinary philosophy:

Minimalism, product knowledge, dosage and creativity.

What is your greatest inspiration?


What would you take to a desert island?

Canvas and paint.

Manoir Restaurant Inter Scaldes

Zandweg 2
The Netherlands
Inter Scaldes
Tel:  +31-113 38 17 53