Grand Chef Relais & ChâteauxJacques Decoret is at the helm of Michelin star resaurant, Maison Decoret in France. His cuisine is the product of his life and culinary experience; “my cuisineaims to be personal and universal at the same time, imaginative yet down-to-earth, such as my medley of destructured hot chestnuts served in a crumpled newspaper cornet. Emotions, scraps of real life, that’s the idea…”

Chef Decort worked with many notable culinary masters, including and Pierre Troisgros at their restaurantMaison Troisgrosin Roanne, Michel and Jean-Michel Lorrain atLa Côte Saint-Jacquesin Joigny, Régis Bulot atMoulin de l’Abbayein Brantôme, atL’Arpègein Paris, at L’Auberge des Cimesin Saint-Bonnet-le-Froid. His time with them taught hisdiscipline, sophistication and a sense of hospitality.

Having beenawardedBest Worker of France in 1996, he continued workingin my restaurant in Vichy from 1998 and later, from 2008, a few hundred metres down the road, atMaison Decoret, where he was awarded a Michelin star in 2005.

Two Questions with Jacques

What was your most moving culinary experience?

I’ve experienced two, both very significant. First, my first dinner in a ‘top restaurant’. It belonged to Marc Veyrat, on Lake Annecy, and was in 1998. It was a revelation and such a thrilling experience that I’ve wanted to repeat it every year. Then, some years later, a meal at El Bulli, ’s restaurant. A veritable ‘culinary wake-up call’!Your best piece of advice for amateur chefs

Keep your cooking simple, use choice ingredients, get your cooking times right, season things nicely, take care over how it is served with everything in its proper place.

  • Meilleur Ouvrier de France, 1996
  • Michelin star, 2005

Masion Decoret

15 rue du Parc

03200 Vichy


+444 70 97 65 06