Restaurant de Leest, owned by Kim Veldman and Jacob Jan Boerma opened its doors in the summer of 2002. In 2013 it was awarded with a third Michelin star. Chef Jacob Jan Boerma is renowned for his use of seasonal and regional products. He learned the latest and best cooking techniques all over the world; acquired knowledge of a variety of local ingredients while in Scandinavia, discovered exciting new ingredients and flavours from different continents, and enhanced his general gourmet expertise during trips throughout Europe.

“Don’t forget the quality of the product, it is key for a successful dish!” is very important to him.

In a skillful and craftsman like way, Boerma translates all of these experiences into cosmopolitan and creative dishes for his sophisticated clientele. His perfectionism is evident in the way he prepares flavourful dishes. This has been acknowledged throughout his career. Culinary art of the very highest standard, in which his restaurant was ranked number 2 of the best 500 restaurants of the Netherlands, 19.5 points Gault Millauand Chef of the Year 2010.

Three Questions with Jacob

Describe your culinary philosophy…

A chef can never lie about the quality of his product!

What is your greatest inspiration?

The nature around my restaurant, and the products we have in the Netherlands.

What three things would you take to a desert island?

A good knife, a fishing rod and a pan to cook.

  • 3 Michelin stars
  • ‘Promise of the Year’ award by GaultMillau
  • ‘Most promising Chef of the Year’ by Lekker
  • ‘Chef of the Year’ by GaultMillau
  • SVH-Certified Master Chef title

Restaurant De Leest

Kerkweg 1

8171 VT Vaassen

The Netherlands

+31 578 571 382

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