“Nothing gladdens a chef’s heart more than to have a customer make their next booking as they leave,” says Yamamoto.

Tokyo-born chef Haruhiko Yamamoto opened restaurant Seizan in April 2011 in the capital, only to take performance cuisine by storm. His focus was on the customer experiencing their food’s preparation, designing an open kitchen surrounded by a counter where the dishes are eaten. He uses only the freshest ingredients, changing his dishes day-by-day depending on what comes in .

Challenging the traditional Japanese dining experience has reaped an abundance of success for chef Haruhiko. He dived into his culinary career at the age of 19 and worked his way up through some of Tokyo’s kitchens, developing his style and skills until, at 31 he opened Seizan where he could express his passion, technical precision and culinary skills as he so wished.


Grande Mita Bldg. B1F,

2-17-29 Mita,

Minato-ku Tokyo

+81 (0) 3 3451 8320


Images ©Haruko Amagata