Hans Neuner grew up in a gastronomic family in Tyrol, Austria. After his initial training he wanted to see the world and started out with stints in St Moritz, London’s Dorchester Hotel, Spain and the Bermudas. He also worked on board a cruise ship and saw him travel from L.A. via Hawaii to Australia. He finally found a place on the side of two-Michelin-star chef in Germany, and as his sous chef spent 10 years in Berlin and Hamburg, where he honed his team leadership skills. In 2007, Neuner was asked to head the kitchen of Hotel Vila Vita Parc in the Algarve, Portugal. He took up the challenge and promptly earned restaurant Ocean the first Michelin star after only two years. Soon Neuner started to look for producers, farmers and fishermen to work with him and his kitchen team found great joy in tending their own garden for vegetables and herbs. Today, restaurant Ocean has two Michelin stars and puts the emphasis on fish and seafood. Neuner describes his style as modern Portuguese and very product-oriented. His creations are filled with colour and flavour and the playful presentation adds yet another layer of depth to his creative output. Neuner still loves to travel and see the world, to find inspiration and to keep his mind active.

  • 2 Michelin Stars


Ocean Restaurant at VILA VITA Parc

Rua Anneliese Pohl, Alporchinhos

8400-450 Porches


Tel +351 282 310 100