“Cuisine is the art of instantaneously turning produce suffused with history into happiness. Thinking about the variety and the years it took to perfect it. Thinking also about the ‘life’ of each type of produce, with all its individuality and the unforeseen events which it has had to stand up to”.

Chef Guy Savoy’s passion for cooking emerged at the tender age of 15 and was unstoppable. He embarked on an appreticeship and training with chocolate-maker Louis Marchand, the Freres Troisgros, Lasserre, at the Lion d’Or in Geneva, the Oasis in a Napoule. In 1987, after having spent seven years in the kitchen of Claude Verge, La Barriere de Clichy, chef Savoy opened his restaurant Guy Savoy. Since, he has collected a plethora of accolades, deeming him one of the most respected and skilled chefs.

For Guy Savoy, cuisine is aday-to-day discipline in which time and work combine in an exercise which is subject to the scrutiny of the eye, of the touch, of the sense of smell and of taste. The senses are what form culinary reality. Guy Savoy’s cuisine first and foremost expresses his sensitivity and his passion. Having meal at Guy Savoy means making the most of the combined talents of the chef, the dining-room and kitchen teams, so as to enhance the flavours of what our planet produces, the results of the efforts of the best farmers, producers and wine-growers, who are all aware of our common heritage.

    • 3 Michelin stars
    • 19 in Gault Millau
    • 4 stars | Bottin Gourmand
    • 3 plates | Pudlowski Guide
    • 6-Diamond Award |AAA

    Le Restaurant Guy Savoy

    18, rue Troyon 75017



    +33 (0) 1 43 80 40 61


    Pictures Above © Laurence Mouton Right Stevens Fremont