Grand Chef Relais & ChâteauxGeorges Victor Schmitt is at the helm of Michelin star restaurant,Au Soldat de l’An 2. His culinary philosophy is simple: “togive pleasure to people”. Basing his cuisine on regional specialities, the French chef became absorbed by the Nouvelle Cuisine wave and has combined both ever since. Set in the heart of the Alsace-Lorraine, Smitt’s restaurantAu Soldat de l’An 2 changes its menu seasonally, introducing regional ingredients. His unforgettable foie gras is highly appreciated, as well as his fresh sea fish, truffled blue lobster and the full repertoire of local game.

Chef Schmitt began his culinary career via an unconventional path, as aherbalist and antique dealer. In 1975, cooking raised its devilish head again. On the doorstep of the vineyards of Alsace and the mysterious Vosges, the chef has turned this inn with its imperial rooms into a unique gourmet experience in this historical city. Beginningwith regional specialities with whole menus designed round pork, he plunged into Nouvelle Cuisine in1982 and never turned back.

Three Questions with Georges

What was your most moving culinary experience?

Every one of my visits to my neighbours, theKleinsat L’Arnsbourg in Baerenthal is an exciting occasion: gourmet creativity goes hand in hand with generosity of spirit.

The most amusing kitchen incident you ever witnessed?

A facetious reviewer had praised my tarte flambée (a mini version, in flakey pastry, served as an amuse gueule) saying that it was “the best in all of Eastern France” and a group of ladies turned up from Alsace to try it. I had to crank out dozens of them (they wouldn’t eat anything else) and obviously I didn’t charge them!

Your best piece of advice for amateur chefs?

Follow your instinct and your heart: anything made with love can only be good.

  • Michelin star
  • 3 Gault & Millau points

Au Soldat de l’An 2

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