Piazza Duomo and La Piola restaurants opened in the old town centre of the capital of the Langhe, Alba, in May 2005. A single location for two culinary experiences which, though very different, share an approach to research and quality. The central figures involved were theCeretto family, well-known Piedmontese wine entrepreneurs and ardent promoters of the local food and wine resources, andEnrico Crippa, a talented and determined young chef from the Brianza area north of Milan, who was looking to start out on his own personal journey. Rather than a competition betweenLa Piola’s traditional Piedmontese style of cooking and the refined creativity ofPiazza Duomothough, the project set out to highlight and educate in the culture of good living, eating and drinking that has made the region of Piedmont unique. This choice has been rewarded with success in just a few years, withPiazza Duomonow being a cult address for gourmets and anyone who loves food that’s new, yet never banal, whileLa Piolahas become a major attraction for fans of the region’s cuisine.

  • 2 Michelin stars
  • 3 Gambero Rosso forks

Piazza Duomo Restaurant

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