Born in Pescia, Italy, Chef Enrico Bartolini is a worldwide recognised chef, not only because of his culinary intuitionand creativity, but because he is alsoItaly’s youngest two Michelin star chef. Recieving his first Michelin starwhen he was just 29 and the second four years later, at 33, along with three Gambero Rosso forks andthree L’Espresso Guide chef hats, Bartolini sealed his reputation as an internationally renowned chef.

After graduating from theIstituto professionale alberghiero F. Martini in Montecatini Terme, Bartolinithen went on to train abroadbuildingup his reputation in theprestigious kitchens of Carlo Petrini in Paris, Mark Page in London and top Italian Chef Massimiliano Alajmo. Enrico eventually took up direction of Le Robinie restaurant near Paviain Lombardy. Then in2010 Enrico Bartolini became managerof the elegantDevero restaurantandDodici 24at the Devero Hotel in Cavenago, otuside Milan.Here he wasable to develop his style further, mergingtraditional culinary values with modern innovative techniques, creating a contemporary classic style of cooking.

In February 2013 he was chosen by the prestigious Champagne house, Krug, to bepartner for the Krug en Capitale Milan project.It was theirfirst ‘pop-up’restaurant in Italy and located on the27th floor of the diamond skyscraper, in the city’s Porta Nuova district. Following this he went on to collaborate with luxury airline Emirates, created and launched a new line of premium beers with the Angelo Poretti brewery named,“Selezione Angelo”, at the Circle of Commerce at Corso Venezia in Milan, and even worked withluxury brand Hermes to create dishes for theircollection in the spectacular setting of Palazzo Serbelloni and La Scala in Milan.

It was then inSeptember 2014that the first Venetian concept restaurant, Sepa,opened inHong Kong.With a menu developed by the Michelin two-star chef, Sepais Hong Kong’s first regional Italian concept restaurant which aims to providean experience that encompasses the culture, history and heritage of Venice. The name, SEPA,meaning‘cuttlefish’ in Venetian dialect,is a popular ingredient in both Venetian and Hong Kong cuisine. It is a gastronomic experiencethat encapsulates the authenticity of traditional Venice.SEPA’s ideologyis based around reinterpretations of the four characters;Truffaldino, Smeraldina, Beatrice and Florindofrom the famous play, “Servant of Two Masters” by the Venetian Carlo Goldoni, one of the most important Italian playwrights from the eighteenth century.


FOURQuestions with Matt

Describe your culinary philosophy in 4 words.

Greedy, essential, ordinate, persistent.


What is your greatest inspiration?

The sense of taste


If you could take a plane ride to any restaurant in the world, just for one meal, where would you go?

Pino Cuttaia in Lucata (Sicily)


What four things would you take to a desert island?

Cigar, my woman, fire, knife



* 2 Michelin star |RestaurantDevero,Milan




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