Korean-bornCorey Lee ischef owner of Benu. Aiming to make his guests feel relaxed andcomfortable at Benu, Corey serves modernAmerican cuisine, which highlights SanFrancisco’s bounty of local and fresh produce.Further emphasising the synergy betweenthe restaurant and its location, Corey’s cuisinefinds its roots in the city’s multiculturalismand “explores how Asian flavours, ideas, andaesthetics can harmonize with Western ones,”he says in his .

Corey’scareerspans nearly 20 years and has seen himworkinthe kitchens of some of the most acclaimedrestaurants in the world. Born in Korea, Corey’s family moved to the States when he was five. Afterspending sometime in London, he returned to the USA to becomeheadchef at The French Laundry and to open Per Se as sous-chef, spending 9 years with in total.

Most recently, Corey’s restaurant Benu was awarded a covetedthird Michelin star for its outstanding cuisine. One more accolade to add to the bursting bag of them.

  • 3 Michelin stars
  • Best Chef : West | James Beard Award
  • Goodwill ambassador for Seoul, Korea


22 Hawthorne Street

San Francisco

CA 94105

+1 415 685 4860


Images by Eric Wolfinger © Phaidon Press Inc.