Chef Carlo Crisci has been at the helm of restaurant Le Cerf in Switzerland for 30 years. In that time he has achieved two Michelin stars in the Michelin Guide for Switzerland and 18 points in the Swiss Gault Millau Guide. His fascination with herbs, spices and molecular cuisine has led him to receive numerous accolades for his research, including the Golden Key Bricard Gastronomy.

CarlorunsrestaurantLeCerf,amemberofRelais&Châteaux”GrandChefRelais&Châteaux”,withhiswife,Christine,creatingcuisinethatisbothinnovativeandafeastfortheeyesaswellasthepalate.Taking his inspiration from artand his love of gaphic art, design and dressmaking. Having completed his training under his drawing master’s advice, he did his training and thenstood in for members of staff at his fatherand uncle’s restaurants, and went to train on several occasions in London and Basel. The rest is a very celebrated and successfulhistory.

FOUR Questions with Carlo

Describe your culinary philosophy in 5 words…

Dream, passion, emotion, curiosity, renewal.

How did you feel when you were awarded your first Michelin star?

Pride (when Michelin started the Switzerland, we had already 12 years experiences) so the true joy has arrived with the 2nd star, evolving we strive to have fun and if the 3nd star had arrived, she would be greeted with the same joy as the 2nd.

What is your greatestinspiration?


What three things would you take to a desert island?

A saucepan, a knife and a book.

  • 2 Michelin stars
  • 18 Gault Millau points

Three Questions with Carlo

What was your most moving culinary experience?

One of my grandfather’s recipes for kid goat that he cooked at a very low temperature. I would watch him for hours while he prepared his dish. This type of cooking, which I started to follow from 1983, was at that time a true revelation.

The most amusing kitchen incident you ever witnessed?

I had prepared a dish based on quails and asked one of the waiters to serve it. He took the aluminium foil off the casserole dish and was amazed to find inside… not a single quail. A memorable moment.

Your best piece of advice for amateur chefs?

Know your limitations, use seasonal ingredients, and be yourself.

Le Cerf

Rue du temple 10

1304 Cossonay-Ville