Chef Carlo Cracco is seen as a pioneer in progressive Italian cuisine. He is universally acclaimed for his innovative take on classic Italian foods, combining the Milanese tradition with modern tastes and aesthetics.His brainchild, Cracco Restaurant was born in 2007 and has retained two Michelin stars.

Cracco attended hotel management school in Recoaro Terme and began his culinary career in 1986 in the kitchen of Milan-based Gualtiero Marchesi, the home of modern Italian cuisine and the first Italian restaurant to have three Michelin stars. His experience took him to the kitchens of French culinary veteran, Alain Ducasse and Alain Sanderens, as well as to Florence-based L’Enoteca Pinchiorri, which earned three Michelin stars under his management.

Embarking on a new adventure, Cracco has recently become Executive Chef at Milan’s five-star Palazzo Parigi Hotel, which focuses on seafood and fish. Carlo Cracco restaurant employs the best locally sourced and seasonal produce to give diners a fully Cracco experience.

  • 2 Michelin stars



Ristorante Cracco

Via Victor Hugo, 4, 20123 Milan, Italy

+39 02 876774

Carlo Cracco, Palazz Parigi Hotel

Corso di Porta Nuova, 1

20121 Milano

+39 02 625 625

Pictures ©Alan Ford,by Max Bunker Press