Born in Medicina, Bologna in 1962, Bruno isthe Italian chef with the highest number of Michelinstars: 1 star Grotta di Brisighella, 2 stars Trigabolo(Silver), 2 stars Locanda Solarola, 2 stars RestaurantArquade – Relais Chateaux Villa del Quar, for a total of7 stars.

Author of many books including one dedicated togluten-free cooking, star of hit television shows forGambero Rosso Channel, collaborator in many radiostations, today he loves travelling around the world asfree lanceto perform in his culinary road show, whichhe also defines: “Kitchen Teather”.

His cooking philosophy is based on a refined technique,fast cooking and, above all, the excellent quality of theraw materials that he chooses, because from amediocre product the only thing you can obtain is amediocre dish.He worked in the USA and in Latin America.

Together with the chef Carlo Cracco, chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo and the american restaurateur Joe Bastianich, is one of the judges in all editions of Masterchef Italia and in the first edition of Celebrity Masterchef.

In June 2016 he launched “Fourghetti”, his new restaurant in Bologna.

  • 1 Michelinstar | Grotta di Brisighella
  • 2 Michelinstars | Trigabolo
  • 2 Michelinstars |Locanda Solarola
  • 2 Michelinstars | Arquade
  • 3 Gambero Rosso forks


Via Augusto Murri 71

Bologna (Italy)