Anatoly Komm is the executive chef at ultra-luxurious restaurant Varvary in Moscow, Russia – a few metres away from the illustrious fortified complex, The Kremlin, which sits in the heart of the city, overlooking the Moskva River.

Aside from its incredible location, restaurant Varvary has gained itself a reputation among gourmets for its award-winning menu – which Anatoly himself refers to as ‘spectacles’ – that features his often elaborate haute cuisine culinary creations.

Anatoly entered the world of gastronomy after studying as a geophysicist and embarking on a career in fashion. After carrying out a few internships in various kitchens, Anatoly pursued his dream of becoming a chef, built solely on his passion for food – one which he’d garnered from his grandmother, a passionate home cook, and from his travels while working in the fashion industry where he’d had the opportunity to visit some of the world’s best restaurants.

Amongst their list of prestigious awards, Anatoly and restaurant Varvary, most recently, appeared in The World’s Best Restaurant’s list in 2011.

  • 8,5 points from 10 in prestigious International Rating of Rafael Garcia Santos “Lo major de la Gastronomia”
  • Alba White Truffle Award as the best Chef of the year 2008 from Piedmont, Italy
  • The honourable Citizen of Parma- Citta di Parma 2008

Varvary Restaurant

Pictures © Anatoly Komm