FOUR Questions with Alex

Describe your culinary philosophy in 4 words…

Tradition, innovation, personality and love

What is your greatest inspiration?

There are 2.

Back in the mid 80’s, I was a Sous chef to a particularly arrogant Head Chef. He told me very directly one day, “No matter how good you think you are, you’ll never be as good as me”. I was pretty upset at first but reflecting on it later, it sparked a burning determination whichI still feel today.

Memories of the pleasure I felt from eating my Mum’s cooking remain as a guidance of how I would love my diners to feel when I create a new dish.

If you could take a plane ride to any restaurant in the world, just for one meal, where would you go?

My professional curiosity leads me to want to try a 3 Michelin starred version of Chinese cooking. With Chinese cooking, that would be Lung King Heen in Hong Kong.

However, what I would love to be able to do is to have a time machine to travel back to my home, aged 12, to re-experience the comfort & satisfaction I felt from my mother’s grilled Mackerel stuffed with minced pork.

What four things would you take to a desert island?

A beach towel, sun block, change of clothes and a fully charged satellite phone

Which four songs would/do you play in your kitchen to get the team motivated, and why?

No music during service, as I find it distracting and we need to be communicating all the time. However, having music to wind down after a busy and noisy shift is really important – helps to forget the small frustrations and reflect on the successes. Currently on my iPhone: I won’t give up – Jason Mraz, Never too much – Luther Vandross, Thinking out loud – Ed Sheeran & Paradise – Coldplay

  • 1 Michelin Star 2009-2015
  • Highest Ranked Chinese RestaurantThe Sunday Times (Britain’s Top 100 Restaurants) 2012 & 2015
  • Best Chinese Restaurant in LondonHarden’s Restaurant Guide 2009

65 South Audley Street

London W1K 2QU