L’Arpege is the “home cooking” by Alain Passard, a workshop where raw materials are vegetables, fish, poultry, herbs, spices.The leader does not seek innovation for innovation.It creates a few new recipes each year, enough to stay creative while leaving live the works above.The presentation of the dishes itself owes nothing to chance: the head is considered the tasting, like the kitchen, an art.

The “tasting room”, as they say “dining room” is a human scale, designed with sincerity and rigor, for friends.Colour consistency and discretion; serenity and purity of lines: the style of Alain Passard reads on the walls of L’Arpege, in the arrangement of tables, or plates signed Claudio Colucci.At the entrance, a stained glass window created by a master craftsman from a collage of the head: the aubergine green curry.Everything combines to offer guests the tranquility required gastronomy.To the waves musical emblem of the place, which are found on the windows.

  • 3 Michelin Stars

L’Arpege restaurant

Pictures © portrait© Stéphane de Bourgies, dining room © Philippe Vaures