Paco Pérez grew up in Llançà, a small village northern from Barcelona, very close to the French border. The region still is his home and main source of inspiration. At the ageof 12 he discovered his passion for cooking when he started working in the “Tapas bar” owned by his family. From then on he combined his studies with summer jobs in different restaurants. After having studied with master chef Michel Guérard in France, he returned to Catalonia and identified himself with Ferran Adria from el Bulli, with whom he worked and collaborated in different stages of his career. When he met his wife Montse Serra they started facing together Miramar evolution, converting the traditional restaurant into the avantgarde cuisine restaurant that it is today – a place of pilgrimage for contemporary gourmets. What always had been a family business was awarded with two Michelin stars and showcases traditional and local cooking with a creative spin.


FOUR Questions with Paco

Describe your culinary philosophy in 5 words…

Hard work, perseverance, humility, passion and sensitivity


How did you feel when you were awarded your first Michelin star?

When we won the star for 5-Cinco in Berlin, my first thought was dedicated to all the lovely and passionate people who shared this dream with us – a dream called Das Stue.


What is your greatest inspiration?

My biggest every day inspiration is to have the opportunity to see another day


What three things would you take to a desert island?

On a desert island I would take my wife, my two children and my dearest friends – could not cut that down to only three



* 2 Michelin stars | Restaurant Miramar

* 2 Michelin stars | Restaurant Enoteca

* 1 Michelin star | Restaurant 5-Cinco




Passeig Marítim 7

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Marina 19-21



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5-Cinco By Paco Pérez

Das Stue Hotel

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10787 Berlin


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