Tasting Notes

Good enough to eat

Master confectioner, Mario Macke, of Café Wichtig in Timmendorfer Strand, Germany, has created a cake formed like Louis Vuitton’s iconic Monogram handbag

Mario Macke has had sweet-toothed handbag lovers in the area in all of a flutter since creating this cake, formed like a Louis Vuitton Monogram handbag for a client, last month. Mario explains: “A customer ordered this cake as a Christmas present for his girlfriend.” Macke often fulfills wishes for special cakes and tarts for his guests, usually for weddings or birthdays – but he has also created a unique divorce cake. The chef sees no bounds and since the creation of the Monogram ensemble he has received several more enquiries for such...

January 07, 2013

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Update: Mark Greenaway restaurant move

After the closing of No.12 Picardy Place the new location of the chef’s restaurant has finally been revealed

Last November Scottish-chef Mark Greenaway announced he was moving from Picardy Place to another location in Edinburgh. The moved was shrouded in secrecy and the new location has now finally been revealed.The restaurant will be re-launched at the cities North Castle Street and is due to open for business on the 18 January. Mark’s new location formerly housed Italian restaurant Librizzi. The Georgian building is being renovated and the basement will house a specially-designed wine vault. The vault will be stocked by sommelier Loic Deruyver, who will invite diners to...

January 07, 2013

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Baroque winter cocktail

The Baroque in Mayfair has come up with a tantalising new cocktail to warm your innards during the cold winter months

The Baroque embodies the opulence of Louis XIV and is also a tribute to the glamour of the early Hollywood years. Gerry Calabrese opened the luxury bar on the back of his successful ventures The Hoxton Pony and Hoxton Gin. Baroque offers one of the most extensive champagne lists in Europe and the food on offer is similarly luxurious with a menu of caviar, oysters, and wagyu beef. The classic cocktail list includes many drinks from the early 20th century and Gerry Calabrese has divulged to us the recipe of their 'Hot Buttered Rum drink'. Hot Buttered Rum One knob of...

January 06, 2013

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Q&A: William Drabble

William Drabble is the head chef at Seven Park Place at the St James’s Hotel & Club and also runs the smaller venue – William’s Bar and Bistro. The Norfolk chef takes time out to speak to FOUR Magazine

First food memory? I am originally from Liverpool, however when I turned eight we moved to Norfolk. It was a bit of a shock at the beginning to move from a city and to be surrounded only by fields, but it didn’t take long before I started enjoying it. I remember going by bike to buy eggs in the morning, directly from the farmers, because the closest shop was too far away. I would then cook breakfast with my grandmother; she is the person that influenced me the most in becoming a chef. Sweet or Savoury? It depends… definitely savoury when I am working in the pastry...

January 03, 2013

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