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Opinionated About Dining Reveals Top 100+ Restaurants in Japan and Europe for 2020

The revered global restaurant ranking system Opinionated About Dining (OAD) has released its picks of the Top 100+ Restaurants in Japan and Europe for 2020. Selected by an expert panel of the world’s most discerning palates and trusted culinary connoisseurs, these lists provide some much-needed eating-out inspiration.

Every year OAD shares lists of the top restaurants in various regions across the globe, as voted for by the website’s knowledgeable reviewers. Based on reviews by over 6,000 voters, the list is the only global restaurant guide that considers a diner’s gastronomic background and restaurant reviewing experience, as well as the quality of restaurants they visit, when tabulating the results. The latest lists  for Europe and Japan are sure to reignite some foodie fervor after many of the world's restaurants remained closed for some time in lockdowns aimed at preventing...

June 24, 2020

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Handcrafted Poetry | Klatt Objects

With an eye for detail and decadence, Detlef Klatt – founder and curator behind contemporary brand Klatt Objects – creates beguiling lifestyle pieces that bring a new dimension of beauty and functionality to the home. FOUR goes behind the scenes with the up-and-coming creative…

The light is broken by the delicate mesh of the white bowl. Its textile-like structure made of high-quality fine bone china is reminiscent of icing. The small porcelain spoon promises indulgence par excellence. It’s a sight that invites you to dedicate time to something extra special.  This poetic setting is the work of Klatt Objects, a new brand from Germany that deserves our attention. The carefully selected collections are sophisticated and diverse, just like the man behind them. Detlef Klatt is a designer, master florist and entrepreneur. His name stands for...

June 18, 2020

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Gastronomy for Good: À table, les soignants!

Some of France’s best restaurants and brands have come together in support of front-line workers. The ‘À table, les soignants!’ initiative is aims to thank care givers by spoiling them and a guest of their choice to a night of fine gastronomy, while assisting the hard-hit restaurant industry to get back on its feet. 

Translated to "At the table, the caregivers!", this outreach effort will give caregivers the opportunity to share a meal with a guest of their choice - a spouse, friend or colleague - that they would too like to thank for their unwavering support during this unprecedented time. The pair's meal will be sponsored through donation by the restaurant, the project's partners or donors from the community. The restaurants involved include many Michelin-starred gastronomic sanctums, as well as a handful of much-loved cafes and bistros, dotted around France. The dining experience...

June 16, 2020

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Premium Taste Experience | Nordaq

Offering a palatable, profitable and sustainable water solution that enhances the taste experience of food and wine, Nordaq has become a favorite among gastronomic restaurants and their foodie frequenters. FOUR speaks to CEO Pelle Hallberg to find out more about the premium Swedish water brand and its unique products…

Can you tell us a bit about the background of Nordaq, when and how it was founded and what is the company’s main goal?   Nordaq was formed to take advantage of a newly invented water filtration technology. The unique outcome produced was water of the highest purity. The founders of the company recognised this water could compete with international premium water brands – the difference being that Nordaq is produced on site using potable tap water. One of the benefits of local on-site production is that Nordaq reduces the need for transportation and so eliminates...

June 11, 2020

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