Tasting Notes

Dutch Courage, Indonesian Spirit

Bobby’s Dry Gin is a Dutch Gin with Indonesian roots. Using a harmonious blend of botanicals, sixth-generation master distiller Dick Jansen and Bobby’s Dry Gin founder Sebastiaan van Bokkel create a spicy and fragrant spirit that delights the palate with distinct herbaceous notes and bursts of citrus, rounded off with a delicate hum of pepper.

Founded in 2014 by Sebastiaan van Bokkel in honor of  his grandfather, Jacobus (Bobby) Alfons, Bobby's Dry Gin focuses on the creation of a dry gin with eight distinct botanicals of Asian and European descent, namely coriander seed, pepper, juniper, lemongrass, fennel, rose hip, cinnamon and cloves - as inspired by his grandfather's recipe. Derived from Jacobus' Moluccan heritage, where spirits were commonly infused with herbs for...

December 11, 2019

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Sensuous Sojourns

Bentley Fragrances has launched its first collection of scents, starting with a trio of evocative olfactory escapades. Pairing peerless ingredients with exotic destinations, Bentley Beyond – The Collection is introducing a whole new world of fragrance to aroma aficionados.

Journeys are part of Bentley Motors' DNA, with Walter Owen Bentley, the founder of the prestigious car brand, describing the joy of travel as “one of man’s fundamental longings.” Drawing upon this heritage, Bentley Beyond - The Collection transcends fascinating landscapes into extraordinary scent sensations. Luxurious aromatic accessories created for trailblazers who admire meticulous craftsmanship, high-quality materials and...

December 06, 2019

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A Matter of Taste, Not Time

Swiss whisky brand Seven Seals uses an innovative formula to produce flavor-filled whiskies and malts fit for whisky lovers and aficionados alike, without the need for extensive maturation periods. FOUR finds out more…

A skill handed down over generations from father to son and expert to apprentice, the craft of whisky production has been continually tried and tested, eventually evolving into the much-loved single malt as we know it today. Crossing paths with such whisky connoisseurs and sharing in their knowledge is how the Seven Seals founders were able to perfect their art of producing whisky. In the Seven Seals process, time is seen as one of the...

December 04, 2019

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Trend-setting Tableware

Design-forward tableware brand Fine2Dine (F2D) boasts an inspired range of high-quality, innovative drinking and dining ware perfect for creating a flawless tablescape this festive season.

The holiday season is filled with social gatherings and family celebrations, and to ensure that these events are both picture-perfect and memorable, an elegantly-styled table is essential. The saying that you eat with your eyes first rings true, and with Fine2Dine (F2D)'s beautiful tableware, dining and drinking becomes an even more fun and flavorful affair. With a wide range of attractive colors and trendy designs available, Fine2Dine...

November 28, 2019

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