Tasting Notes

Superlative Sound

Danish brand Vifa produces top-class speakers that harmoniously blend an exclusive Nordic design with superior sound. FOUR speaks to Vifa’s VP of Design and Engineering, Mikael Ankersen, to discover more about how the company creates a ‘timeless sound experience’…

Tell us a little bit about Vifa? The Vifa brand was established in 1933 in the Danish town of Videbaek. The name is a combination of Videbaek Fabrikker (Videbaek Factories) and the company was part of the successful radio and television business in Denmark in the 30ties and 40ties, providing loudspeaker drive units for other manufacturers. A reputation of clever research and design and high quality manufacturing spread within the...

December 30, 2019

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A Czech Treasure

Becherovka is a Czech treasure, and one of the best spirits in the world. Jan Becher Pernod Ricard tells FOUR what makes their Becherovka so special.

Twenty herbs and spices from around the world fused together through modern alchemy and a secret recipe. Nature created all of the ingredients. We mix them carefully and seal them in a bottle. Each specific ingredient adds to the liqueur’s characteristic bittersweet taste and golden colour. We have been producing one of the world’s oldest liqueurs for over two hundred years using the secret original recipe. Enjoy Becherovka Original...

December 26, 2019

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Gourmet Grilling

Argentine tradition meets Swiss precision in azado’s range of superior grills. Using high quality materials and innovative designs, azado makes grilling a truly pleasurable and flavor-filled experience. FOUR speaks to Andreas Nöckl, the maker and visionary behind the asado brand, to find out more…

Tell us a little bit about azado – when, how and why was it founded? azado was founded in 2010, when we were about to start an Argentinian catering company. Back then, our first challenge was the fact that we couldn’t find an Argentinian BBQ on the European market. So the solution was to just built one ourselves – which we did in my neighbor's garage, as we had no tools and machinery ourselves. The grill was all about the...

December 23, 2019

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Multi-Faceted Food Affair

INTERSECT BY LEXUS, the meticulously curated oasis offering unrivaled cultural and culinary experiences in Tokyo, Dubai and New York, has food at its forefront. From casual yet elegant cafés on one floor to sublime, relaxed dining on another, INTERSECT BY LEXUS serves only the highest-quality food and beverages made using the finest, freshest ingredients.

Food is a vital link in the chain that makes the INTERSECT BY LEXUS experience a memorable and treasured one. Reflecting the essence of their luxury lifestyle brand through gastronomy, Lexus has conceived spaces where inspiration lives, business ideas are born, partnerships are nurtured and minds synergised. From haute cuisine to café-style eats and tea-time treats, every dining experience in each of the three global INTERSECT BY LEXUS...

December 19, 2019

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