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World’s Best Vineyard Tourism Destinations Announced

The World’s Best Vineyards, a global ranking system for vineyard tourism destinations that takes over 500 leading international wine experts, sommeliers and travel correspondents’ votes into account, has announced the 50 most coveted, must-visit wine venues for 2020.

The World’s Best Vineyards, which for the first time was held virtually on 13 July 2020, has named Argentina’s Zuccardi Valle de Uco, located in the famed Mendoza wine region, as the top winery destination in the world for the second year in a row. South America and Europe dominated the rest of the 2020 list, with Chile and France identified as the biggest wine tourism hot spots. Uruguay's Bodega Garzón was also awarded the same ranking as in 2019, coming in at number 2 once again. Austria's Domäne Wachau jumped 13 places from last year's 16th spot, to this year's...

July 29, 2020

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Stylish and sustainable sustenance: soulbottles

Driven to get active against plastic pollution and inspire sustainable lifestyles, forward-thinking German brand soulbottles aims to make the cleanest drinking bottle in the world. Laura Zuckschwerdt tells us more about these perfect water-drinking companions…

Tell us a little bit about soulbottles – when, how and why was it founded? soulbottles was founded in 2012 by Georg Tarne and Paul Kupfer, two Germans who met in Vienna while studying. Georg was missing a plastic-free drinking bottle. Like 100 % plastic free. First he used empty whiskey and vodka bottles, but at some point he went up to Paul and said: "This is getting ridiculous! Let’s create this product and try turning it into a business." This was also linked to the idea that more people would avoid disposable bottles if they had a stylish plastic-free...

July 28, 2020

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Spoonfuls of Splendor: N25 Caviar

Packed with the ultimate rich and creamy, pure umami flavor, N25 Caviar brings sublime spoonfuls of superior sturgeon caviar to the plates of caviar connoisseurs around the globe. From the world’s best restaurants to the humble home cook, N25 Caviar enhances the dining experience with its unmatched taste and quality. Hermes Gehnen tells us more about what makes N25 Caviar’s products so special….

Can you give us a brief overview of N25 Caviar?  N25, the name of our brand, stands for the extraordinary origin of our caviar. Located at 25° north latitude, our aquaculture facility sits in the highland plateau at an altitude of over 2500m. It provides us with the cleanest air, purest spring water, and the optimal climate to raise the sturgeons that give birth to our caviar. The foundation of our company is passion for great quality and uniqueness. We do not believe in the ordinary, we believe that great artisanal products come from pushing boundaries and often...

July 23, 2020

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Sweet Indulgence: The Honey Colony

The Honey Colony is a small, family-run business in Singapore that sources and distributes the best quality Australian and Scottish honey. Unprocessed, flavor-packed and brimming with healing properties, their premium honey is pure sweet enjoyment. Raphael Brunner tells us more…

Can you give us a brief overview of The Honey Colony? When, why and how it was founded? The Honey Colony was born in 2019 after we decided to do some rebranding and change our focus towards premium honey. Before that, we worked with multiple different products such as chocolates, spices and even vodka/gin. However, we found honey to be an amazing product not only because of the quality that we are able to source, but also because we really believe in moving towards a healthier lifestyle. What is the brand’s ethos and what are the core philosophies? How are these...

July 21, 2020

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