Ettore Bocchia’s Antonius Caviar and Sanremo Prawns served with Cauliflower Sour Cream and a Crispy Wafer

Chef Ettore Bocchia gives the recipe to his beautiful and delectable Antonius Caviar and Sanremo Prawn dish, that with its delicate flavor profile, showcases the fine and fresh Mediterranean produce in all its glory.

For the Crispy Wafer Ingredients 60g water 60ml seed oil 50g rice starch 2g salt Method Mix all the ingredients and let them rest. Pour the rested mixture in a metal ring on a non-stick pan and cook until the water evaporates. For the Cauliflower Sour Cream Ingredients 100g liquidized cauliflower (see step 1 below) 50g sour goat cheese cream 30g prawn broth lemon juice rice vinegar...

June 12, 2019

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Heinrich Schneider’s Ground Ivy Cream with Raspberry Granita and Wild Herbs

A fresh and flavor-filled dessert featuring elements of naturally-growing flora by a lover of wild herbs, Chef Heinrich Schneider of 2 Michelin-starred Terra – The Magic Place in South Tyrol.

Serves 4 For the Cat's Tongue Biscuit Ring Ingredients 100g egg white 100g dust sugar 100g flour 100g melted butter Method Mix together all ingredients and reserve in the fridge for 1 hour. Spread the dough thin with a spatula in a rectangle template (2,5cm x 21cm) on a silpat sheet. Bake the rectangles in the oven at 170°C for 10 minutes. Remove the sheet from the oven and roll each rectangle one...

June 06, 2019

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Michel Sarran’s Foie Gras Soup with Belon Oyster

A simple but indulgent soup perfect for that dinner party starter.

Serves 4 Ingredients 500g of  foie gras 6g of salt 1g of  pepper Porto PM Armagnac PM 4 Belon oysters 250ml chicken broth  Method Marinate the deveined foie gras with salt, pepper, Armagnac and Port overnight. Once it has marinated, cook in a "bain-marie" at 160° for about 12 minutes. Once cooked, drain the foie-gras, put it in a blender with the chicken broth and mix. Take the fatty part...

May 28, 2019

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Marijo Curić’s Adriatic Sea Bass

Flaky, succulent fish served alongside garlic and sweet potato cream, cuttlefish salad, lemon cream and a vibrant green sauce – this recipe by the Executive Chef of Michelin-starred Restaurant 360 Dubrovnik is perfect as a delicious lunch or dinner any day of the week.

Notes from the chef:  "This dish is inspired by a traditional dish of Dalmatia (coastal region of Croatian Adriatic) based on a white fish & potato duo with the addition of Swiss char. My interpretation takes a sea bass with skin and scales to emphasize the fish itself and oppose the texture of the meat.  To complement a dish, I have created a cuttlefish and rock-samphire salad, a common plant of Adriatic islands and a common...

May 25, 2019

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