Rolf Fliegauf’s Patagonian Hake

The Swiss chef behind 2-Michelin-starred Ecco Ascona and Ecco St Moritz gives the recipe to his gently cooked and then scorched Patagonian hake dish served with clams, fennel and jalapeño.

For the Hake Ingredients Patagonian hake nut butter Method Place the portioned hake on a plate, brush with nut butter, cover with foil and cook in the oven at 40 degrees for approximately 45 minutes. Remove the fish from the oven, season with salt and scorch with the Bunsen burner on the upper side. To ensure it is cooked, the core temperature should be approximately 40 degrees. For the Jalapeño Mayonnaise Ingredients 100ml jalapeño juice (juiced jalapeños without seeds) 40g egg white 3 tablespoons bonito vinegar 1 Msp. Xantan...

February 20, 2020

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Martin Berasategui’s Warm Pickled Oyster

The highly revered Spanish chef with 8 Michelin-stars under his belt gives the recipe to his warm pickled oyster with with iced cucumber, K5 Txakoli wine and spicy apple foam.

For the Oysters Ingredients No 1 Sorlut Oysters (1 per person) Method Open the oysters carefully without breaking them. Place them in a bowl. Strain the water from the shell through a sieve. Wash oysters in the water. For the Cucumber Sake Ingredients 250g cucumber juice 100g Sake 45g Mirin 30 mint leaves 20g sugar 45g lime juice 1 sheet gelatine Method Blend the cucumber with the skin, and all other ingredients except the lime juice. Combine in a processor and marinate for 15 minutes. Strain through a fine...

February 10, 2020

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Georgia Peach Warmed In Acacia Honey And Sobrasada

The masterful chef duo behind The Catbird Seat in Tennessee, Will Aghajanian & Liz Johnson, give the recipe for this heartwarming peach-inspired dish straight off their much-loved menu.

For the Peach Brine Ingredients 25g acacia honey 90g peach-marigold infusion (made from hot filtered water, dried peaches, and marigold flowers) 8g lemon juice 0.5g ascorbic acid Method Whisk all ingredients together to combine. Set aside. For the Xanthan Gum Base Ingredients 500g filtered water 20g xanthan gum Method Bring water to a simmer, transfer to a blender and add in xanthan gum. Blend on high until thickened. Set aside. For the Sobrasada Fat Ingredients 500g sobrasada (made with high quality pork...

January 28, 2020

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Riccardo Camanini’s Spaghettoni in Butter and Fresh Yeast

Simple but undeniably delicious, this pasta dish by Italian cuisine master Riccardo Camanini will have you licking your plate!

Serves 4 Ingredients  fresh brewer's yeast 320g of spaghettoni pasta, preferably artisinal 130g of butter, Riccardo uses Beppino Occelli salt pepper Method Crumble the yeast onto a baking tray and dry out in the oven or a dehydrator at 70°C for around 5 hours. Cook the spaghettoni in salted boiling water until al dente, for about 8–12 minutes. In a separate pan, soften the butter. Add the cooked spaghettoni and season with salt and pepper. Neatly plate the pasta and sprinkle with the dried yeast to finish. Recipe courtesy of...

January 17, 2020

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