A Recipe by Carlo Cracco

Try your hand at this delicious Mediterranean red prawns on charcoal with yoghurt and fresh coriander recipe, as seen in FOUR’s International Edition…

Serves 6 Ingredients 24 mediterranean red prawns 20g acacia honey 80g oil strained from a jar of anchovies 50g fresh yoghurt 40g fresh coriander sprouts 4 pieces of natural charcoal 15g extra virgin olive oil 2g fine salt 40g toasted cumin 200g kitchen salt 50g seaweed mix 24 small toothpicks Method Peel the prawns and skewer them each on a toothpick. Place the pieces of charcoal on the fire and leave them there until...

February 12, 2013

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Smoked ice cream and grilled pineapple with rosemary and spices

This fruity dessert was made by participants of the first “Big Green Egg Experience” at Librije’s Atelier in the Netherlands, a special kind of cooking class. Enjoy!

INGREDIENTS Smoked ice cream: - 125 g whole milk - 125 g whipping cream - 100 g sugar - 3 egg yoks - Apple Wood Chips Pineapple: - ½ pineapple - 1 spring rosemary - 1 cinnamon stick - 1 vanilla bean - 5 star anise - 5 cloves Mango gel: - 1 mango - 3 g agar agar - 4 tbsp water Yoghurt crumble: - 50 g flour - 50 g sugar - 35 g butter - ½ tbsp yopol (yoghurt powder) - 40 g white chocolate METHOD To prepare the...

February 04, 2013

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Alvin Leung’s spring roll with Asian flavoured pesto and chicken

Alvin Leung has been making waves in London with his form of X-Treme Chinese cuisine since opening Bo London in December. Here we share his spring roll recipes…

Spring rolls withAsian flavoured pesto & chicken Serves 8 50g coriander 50g Thai basil 50g spring onion 50g toasted peanuts 250g corn oil 50g sesame oil 25g parmesan cheese, grated 200g tinned bamboo shoots, julienne 300g chicken thighs, julienne 16 spring roll papers 1 egg yolk, beaten METHOD Blend coriander, Thai basil, spring onion, peanuts, corn oil and sesame oil. Mix in cheese to taste. Season with salt and...

January 20, 2013

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Hearty Scottish fare

Prepare for Burns Night next week with this hearty haggis recipe

In preparation for Burns Night, celebrated next Friday, 25 January, Paul Wedgwood of Wedgwood Restaurant, Edinburgh, prepares this easy haggis recipe Haggis is a dish consisting of oatmeal, spices and ground heart, liver and lungs, boiled in a stomach casing, traditionally made using only sheep, however variations now exists using beef. Try to ensure windpipe is still attached to the lungs Heart, liver, lungs, tongue of 1 sheep 500g...

January 17, 2013

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