Did you know that at Easter, during the medieval times, a festival of egg throwing was held in church?

The priest would throw a hard-boiled egg to one of the choirboys, who would then toss it to the next choirboy and the next until the clock struck 12 and the choirboy left holding the egg would be the winner and keep it as a prize.

Oh how glad we are that times have moved on since then. Especially when you consider luxury, world renowned chocolatiers like Godiva, whose eggs are blissful indulgence to choose from.

The world leaders in premium Belgian chocolates have recently released their new range of gifts, created especially for the Easter season.

The range consists of Godiva’s classic luxury Easter Eggs, all beautifully presented and masterfully created with small wrapped chocolate eggs encased in milk or dark chocolate shells. There are also more playful options to choose from such as the Alter Egg-o’s with personalities – such as The Brainiac, Girl Next Door, Mr Popular and Trendsetter – which are reflected using different flavours, decorations and seasonal toppings, so that you can give your loved ones their owndoppelgängerto cherish or devour.

There is also the option of Easter figures – chocolate shaped chicks, rabbits and chickens – and an Easter Hamper which is a large green wicker basket that can be personalised to each individual taste with items such as an Easter gift box, hollow figures, mini wrapped chocolate eggs, truffles, chocolate almonds and chocolate tablets, to name but a few. Godiva chocolatiers have also created pre-assorted baskets for those who want a selection chosen by experts!

Buy online via theGodiva Chocolatieronline shop or visit one of Godiva’sstoresand try before you buy.