Danish-born René Redzepi, is chef-patron of world-renowned, two-Michelin-starrestaurant, Noma. Pioneering the reinvention of Nordic cuisine, chef Redzepi’s Noma has been lathered in accolades, notably its Michelin stars and its titleas the world’s best restaurant (according to San Pellegrino’s prestgious The World’s 50 best Restaurants list)which it held for three years running, from 2010 to 2013.

Having a passion for local sourcing and foraging and aninnovative and inventive approach to cooking, René Redzepi strives to reflect the Danish landscape and culture. This recipe combines creativity and fun that exudes with the festive time of year and gives you a wonderful Christmas treat that everyone is sure to love…


70g sea buckthorn juice

50g sugar

17g water

1.5g citric acid

4g apple balsamic vinegar

35g egg whites

1.5g egg white powder

50g maltodextrine

375g carrots

1.125kg carrot juice

4g sorbet stabiliser

1.5g maltodextrine

312g stock syrup (50% water, 50% sugar)

52g lemon juice

22g egg whites

3 sheets gelatine

250g buttermilk

250g yoghurt

3 sheets gelatine

60g sugar

25g water

5g apple vinegar

50g egg whites

25g egg white powder

8g white wine vinegar

50g maltodextrine

200g carrots

35g carrot juice

lemon juice

icing sugar

25g carrot, brunoised

350g water

75g sugar

375g sheep’s yoghurt

225g cow’s yoghurt

10g lemon juice

4 baby carrots


Sea buckthorn mousse

Heat the sea buckthorn juice until it has reduced to 50g of liquid and let cool. Combine the sugar, water, citric acid and vinegar in a pan and heat to 121C (250F) to make a caramel. Whisk up theegg whites and egg white powder and add the caramel to make an Italian meringue. Fold the sea buckthorn reduction into the meringue and place in the refrigerator. Scoop out small balls into the maltodextrine powder and roll them into round shapes.

Carrot sorbet

Peel the carrots, slice thinly and boil them in 625g of the juice until very tender and all the juice has evaporated. Process in a Thermomix and strain through a cloth. Weigh out 375g of the puree. Heat the stabilizer and the maltodextrine in a little of the stock syrup and mix with the remaining ingredients. Using a refractometer make sure the sugar content of the base is 18°, adding extra water or stock syrup if necessary. Freeze in Paco containers and spin.

Yoghurt glace

Combine the buttermilk and yoghurt and heat in a water bath. Bloom the gelatine and add it to a small amount of the mixture. Scoop out round balls of the carrot sorbet and freeze them in a blast freezer. Skewer the balls with a wooden cocktail stick (toothpick and line them up on a polysterene plate. Submerge all the balls in liquid nitrogen for 10 seconds and load a spray painting gun with the yoghurt glace. Spray paint the carrot sorbet balls and freeze them. Transfer them to the refrigerator 8 minutes before serving.

Meringue base

Heat the sugar, water and vinegar in a pan to 121C (250F) to make a caramel. Whisk the egg whites and egg white powder and add the caramel to make an Italian meringue. Pipe the meringue mixture in 3cm diameter balls into the maltodextrine powder and dehydrate at 72C (162F) for 10 hours.

Carrot purée

Peel the carrots, cut into thin slices and vacuum-pack them. Cook the bag in boiling water until the carrots are tender, then puree them with the juice in a blender. Season with lemon juice and icing sugar, and fold in the carrot brunoise.

Yoghurt snow

Mix all the ingredients and freeze in Paco containers. Scrape the mixture to obtain a snow-like texture, and freeze again.

To serve

Chill the plates. Place a spoonful of carrot puree in the middle of each plate. To build the snowman first add the meringue base, then place the glazed carrot sorbet on top. Place a ball of sea buckthornmousse on top of the sorbet and add the point of a baby carrot to simulate the nose. Sprinkle yoghurt snow around the plate.