Michelin-starred chef, Uwe Opocensky will be offering guests of theMandarin Grill and Bara special art-inspired three-course lunch and five-course dinner menu, which will include a ticket to Art Basel. Creative, inspired and designed to stimulate all the senses, guests will be amazed and delighted as they watch these artistic dishes such asApple & ManandCreate Your Own Jackson Pollockunfold before their eyes. The three-course lunch menu will be priced at HKD788 and the five-course dinner menu at HKD1,688.

Apple & Man Recipe


Crème Brulee

1kg cream

2kg milk

240g sugar

36g agar agar powder

18g gelatin leaf

4g vanilla pod

9g vanilla oil

9g black bamboo powder

Sugar Green Apple

2kg isomalt

55g gin

5g green colour powder

7g yellow colour powder

2g silver colour powder

Green apple espuma

1kg cream

1kg apple juice

85g honey

120g calvados

18g citric acid

Ice cream

1kg cream

1kg milk

250g milk powder

13 eggs

2g salt

250g sugar

100g tremoline

15g vanilla pod


Crème Brulee

Add cream and milk into the pot over the heat and bring it to boil.Remove the pot from the stove. Mixit to the boiling cream.Soak gelatine leaf in water and add itbamboo powder into the cream mixture. Then crème brulee is done.

Sugar Green Apple

Boil the isomalt into a cooking pan until it reaches to 160°C.Use gin to mix the colour powdertogether and put it into the isomalt.Keep boiling the isomalt until the temperature up to 175°C.Pour it on a silpat and let it cool down until thicken.Use a sugar pump to blow it to form an apple shape.Place the sugar apple into a plastic box with lid until use.

Green apple espuma

Mix the cream, apple juice, honey, calvados and citric acid together.Place it into the espuma gun and let it rest in the refrigerator for 2 hours.Fill the espuma into the sugar green apple.

Ice cream

Mix together the cream and milk in a saucepan. Split the vanilla pod and scrape theseeds into the cream. Put the pan over the heat and bring it to boil. When heatingthe cream mixture, whisk the egg yolks and sugar until it forms thick ribbon.Pour the cream into the egg mixture and stir it until well blended. Cook it in a bowlover a pan of simmering water. Keep stirring it until the custard reaches 82°C.Sieve the whole mixture and place it into a batch freezer until it is thicken andincreased in volume. Pour the ice cream into a container which has been alreadykept in the freezer to guarantee that the ice cream do not melt once in the container.

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